From Hallowed Grounds 7

From my mother’s journal the summer of 1970:

At the Natural Bridge Caverns there were some chimes playing hymns. I felt like singing they were so lovely, but I’ve never felt confident enough to sing in public. So I kept silent. I wonder how God feels about my lack of courage?

We purchased some more apple candy to send to Bobby and Nannie. It reminds me of some candy I was given that had been made in Washington State. That taste takes me back to about 30 years ago.

A rainstorm has caught up to us. The wind is pushing against our car and trailer on the road. The gusts slap against us. The wind carries a whistling sound. We see a car with a camper attached stopped in the emergency lane. The jacks are down as if they are setting up camp right there. Two Texas cars pass us pulling campers, too.

July 9

Driving all day in bad weather. Nerves wrecked. Night is approaching so we pulled into a Quality Motel in Winchester, VA. The family room for six is clean and new. (Charged $24.96) It is cheaper than the Holiday Inn. The heavy rain seems unending. Must do laundry ($2.40) We ate a delicious chicken supper at the motel’s restaurant ($5.41)

July 10

Breakfast at motel restaurant – really good. The sun is shining today. Virginia is a pretty state. So is West Virginia. The Interstate 81 isn’t as nice as the Parkway but R said the parkway ended when we entered VA. Stopped at a Montgomery Wards and bought R a jacket ($6.23 cash). Stopped at a dime store to send package home, get cold drinks, and ice.($5.10) Farther down the road we stopped at Stuckey’s to get some gifts for Glenn and Caroline, souvenirs, state spoons, etc. ($14.24)

We passed through Hagerstown, Maryland but never saw a single “Welcome to Maryland” sign. In a little while we saw a sign “Welcome to Pennsylvania”. It was weird entering and leaving a state without signage letting us know about it. Our mileage is 53,485. We stopped for 13 gallons of gas (5.45) We ate lunch at the Red Barn. Drove through Caledonia State Park but decided not to stay (1.75) We stopped at Greenwood Hills, PA where R remembers he visited as a boy. It seems like it’s mostly old people. Roger Dunkerton Jr. was there – looks like my cousin Gordon Dunkerton did at the same age.

We set up the camper there at Greenwood Hills Conference grounds. They had a restroom, etc.

July 11

Got up and drove to Gettysburg, PA. Took the auto tour ($1.00). It was long. I sure hope it helps the kids with their history. The national cemetery is so quiet. The birds don’t even sing there. My impression is that there are many men buried in the tomb of the unknown soldier here. Lincoln was so great. I don’t know why they don’t say more about him on the tours here.

Went to the Cyclorama. It was very interesting. All those pinpoint lights were men. The room was full of the lights. They were white at first and as the battle progressed the lights turned red signifying that they had died. At the end the red light bathed all the people in the room.

The town of Gettysburg itself has had a terrifying year. There were three churches that were burned to the ground this year. Arson. The culprit is in jail. Something to do with race relations. It seems so peaceful to us. Just goes to show how we can be fooled by outward appearances.

Went to the Charley Weaver Museum. Filled with wooden carved scenes with sound and lights. Good. Delicious lunch at Pennsylvania Dutch Cupboard. (11.18) Becky just had to order shoo-fly pie.

We’ve decide to spend our nights here at Greenwood Hills while we explore the area. Five nights at Greenwood Hills (ck for $15.00), groceries (6.08), white gas (1.10)

July 12

Went to Sunday meeting (Plymouth Brethren) at Greenwood Hills – many old people. How are they going to survive? There were a few teenagers who led the singing. G. Bull was an excellent speaker. Roger was in charge of the food for the conference this year. We stayed to eat there at noon. ($10.10) It was okay, but not great. R went to the afternoon meeting while kids and I relaxed. In the evening we went for a hamburger supper at the Red Barn  (3.80), and got ice for the camper (.50). The Greenwood Hills night meeting was held in the chapel by the road. The seats weren’t as uncomfortable as the meeting hall this morning.

We said goodbye to the Daltons from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They promised to visit us in Houston with their Airstream trailer. We said goodbye to the Dutch people from Holland (I think they live in Long Island).

This is what I know about saying goodbye to my brothers and sisters in Christ – I know I will see them again. If not here, then THERE.

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