The Carrot Lobby

I was feeding the Grand-Girl something called Chicken and Rice, which should have been tan. It was orange. Should have been called chicken and carrots. But what baby would eat that, right? I tasted it. Yes. Predominate flavor – Baby carrots.Baby food carrots taste different compared to any other type of cooked carrot. They aren’t too awful. I hate cooked carrots. In fact, I detest cooked carrots but baby carrots are acceptable. It’s really in the carrot-plan.

The carrot plan. Have you noticed? Carrots are everywhere. They show up in every dish, every frozen food box, pot pie, or chinese take-out. Carrots must have one heck of a strong lobby in Washington. Can you picture it? Lobbyist whispers sweet nothings into congressman’s ear – something like -“I will grant your every wish if you tax every vegetable known to mankind except carrots!”Must be it. Else why are they everywhere???

Carrots are good for you. Really? What proof is there that carrots make your eyes healthier? On real people. Seriously, have the old folks been asked? My mother’s eyes are pretty good for an 86-year-old. She doesn’t like carrots either. Last week I was at my mother’s nursing home for lunch and the plate had fish, macaroni and cheese,  and carrots. It’s like a punishment. If I live to be 80+ I want jelly beans in place of those carrots, people!

Years ago I was at a children’s book conference and ended up sitting near literary agent Erin Murphy. Carrots were on the menu. A long discussion ensued about out mutual disdain for carrots. I don’t remember anything else about the conference. See what I mean? Carrots – 1. Conference – 0.

I pick them out. Eat around them.

I’m very discreet.

But the baby food carrots taste okay. Here is the CARROT PLAN. First: Make babies love carrots. If  carrots are added to everything, they will grow up liking carrots. Carrots! Carrots! All your life, carrots! Heh! Heh! Second: Children will learn how important carrots are in their diet in Elementary School. Important! Healthy! Heh! Heh!

I like baby food carrots and don’t like grown-up real food carrots. The plan failed with me. But then I think – wait –  I cook with them. They give a certain sweet edge to a beef stew that can’t be created any other way. Aurrgh! You win, carrot! This time.

Spoiler alert: Ground carrots gives cheese soup its orange coloration.

2 thoughts on “The Carrot Lobby”

  1. No matter what I do to carrots, THEY STILL TASTE LIKE CARROTS. And nothing says “school cafeteria” like carrots mixed with your peas, or for that matter, anything else.


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