All the Bang

Fireworks #1
Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr

New Year’s Eve I listened to the pop of fireworks in the parking lot across from my mother-in-law’s abode. I was in bed but awake. It’s hard to sleep in a strange bed. I think it must have been my fault because I forgot my pillow. No matter what bed you sleep in if you take your own pillow you will sleep. It’s true. I’m the world’s worst sleeper, so I think I have a vote in this.

Speaking of votes, I am NOT listening to the play-by-play of the Iowa Caucus. I’ll see the news tomorrow. No amount of nail-biting will change what will be.

There will be very little bang for the buck here.

We took the itty grandchild to Arkansas with us. I believe my mother-in-law’s face actually had a healthier hue when we left. I’m praying she and my father-in-law soon move to Texas where they will be closer to their children (and great-grandchild) – and better medical care.

Can you believe that baby slept all the way up there (six hours)? What a pleasant and wonderful and brilliant baby during the entire time we spent there. It can not possibly be on account of all those arms wanting to hold her . . . Well maybe it could be. She sure has a lot of fans in southern Arkansas at the moment.

Looking back at the past year all I can say is “good riddance”. In 2012 I think we are a little wiser. There will be no more house purchases. We will be a little less crowded – if and when the garage apartment is completed. And I will learn to be thankful again, get my mo-Jo back, lose the apathy.

I did say goodbye to the twenty pounds I needed to and only gained back three during the holidays.

Already thankful.

Happy New Year!

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