Obama got Osama

So President Obama’s popularity points have skyrocketed. I haven’t seen any polls. I have not paper proof, but I imagine this is true, because Osama Bin Laden has been killed.


The first things I noticed in the news reel was that Osama’s body was taken, presumably by the navy seals that shot him, and buried at sea in accordance with Islamic beliefs.


That was at 8:30 this morning I saw the news reel on the television screen. I was elated that Osama had met his demise. He’s got some ‘splainin’  to do before his maker. I don’t think he’ll come out very well there.

So at 6:30 tonight there is little mention of the whole burial at sea “thing.” The talking heads are going on about the outstanding operation by the naval seals (good job, guys!), the lack of intelligence from Pakistan, and the subtle (NOT) bravado from President Obama about his role in Osama’s killing.

What about the burial at sea?

Two questions:

First. Why would we shoot America’s Public Enemy #1 in a dusty house in the middle of Pakistan and then give him a reverent burial at sea???

Second. Who knew that burial at sea was a Muslim ritual? Wasn’t Islam founded in the middle of the desert?

One thought on “Obama got Osama”

  1. It’s all weird. I assume we’ll never actually know the deets on what really went down. My brother fly Cobras through two tours in Afghanistan, looking for him. I’m just so glad they finally were able to find him.


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