An Elephant Weighs In

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It is day 24 of my Hundred Days to Health marathon. I have lost and gained and lost and gained and lost – one pound. I keep my diet under 1,500 calories, heavy on the protein, low on the fat and sugar. I’ve only broken my code twice with potato chips one day and chocolate on another day. So shoot me.


I don’t know what else to do – I have begun racing a bike for two miles, I’ve upped my weight lifting. In January I lifted the equivalent of  12.8 elephants. How is that possible? Well, it wasn’t all at one time! All my machines at the Y are plugged into a computer program – FitLinxx. I can access my information online, and every time I use a machine it transmits the info into the program. They use elephants as an incentive.And I suspect they might be using small elephants.


So where am I going wrong? I haven’t really lost a bit of what I want to lose. So … what to do? What to do?


I get discouraged. Any suggestions?


5 thoughts on “An Elephant Weighs In”

  1. “You knew that weight loss was just a matter of time if you followed your plan. Well, what was true in the beginning is still true, even after you have a setback.

    If things go wrong or you make a mistake, instead of beating yourself up, give yourself a pep talk. You are worth the effort. Your weight loss goals and new lifestyle deserve another shot. After all, you’re already doing more than most people even try to do. ” (Sparks people)

    Are you taking meds that might loss down your weight loss…thyroid? I know that my daughter has lost 15lbs…took her 1 year…but she has health issues, and meds that really slow down the process of lossing weight.


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