So, you know now who to call if YOU loose a bu...
So, you know now who to call if YOU loose a button 😉 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s hard to stop and post something but I’m committed to writing something new every day. It isn’t hard to write something new, it’s hard to stop and sit down. My life is complicated. I don’t know anyone whose life is not complicated.


Having a place to park and post is fascinating, though. Throughout my day I’m tempted to jot notes about what I’m going to post, but I don’t because I think it would sound self-conscious, self-absorbed. My blog is about the writing life, not me, so I don’t think I’ll walk around making a note every time I have a sudden “light-bulb” moment. I’m certain everyone has those moments, and am equally certain mine aren’t so brilliant as all that.


I think it is important though to encourage other writers to “park it” and write. I’ve heard some conference speakers use the button analogy. They hold up a large button and say, “this is what I have at my computer. I means butt on chair.” Cute. But go for it, anyway. Just ten words a day amounts to a lot after a while. It doesn’t matter what words. Any words. Stupid words, ridiculous words. Who’s looking? After some time you could go back and look over your “words” and maybe combine, delete, refine. Pretty soon you’d have a nice bit of writing under your “belt”.  You could even write a book.




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