Exercise. It’s That Word Again, Isn’t It

It’s back. For someone who loves playing with words, the one word that I dread in my life is “exercise” as in when the doctor says, “with diet and aerobic exercise your numbers should improve.” Ugh. Really? Couldn’t we just fudge a little?  See, I used one of my favorite words just then. For those of you new to my blog, a few years ago – okay, six years ago – I had lost that “last 10 pounds”. The ones that are the most difficult to lose. In fact, in all, I lost 20 pounds, and kept them off for two years.

I even bought and wore comfortably two pair of skinny jeans, in which I did not lose the feeling in my lower extremities and then have to spend any time in the hospital. I say that as a word of caution to those who are wearing the skinny jeans without having lost those last ten pounds. Yes, you. You’re in danger. There are health warnings flying about these days, listen up.

When the housing market turned around suddenly. I was hands-on involved in renovating two houses at once to sell, which meant that I was living out of my car all day and eating fast food. Hello my little poundish friends.

All of my “author” pictures were taken when I was thin. index100_0918

I am not doing author pictures at the moment.

As you can see from the doctor’s note above, I’ve been given my marching orders, marching not leaving. The last time I achieved this I counted calories, and exercised every day at the YMCA. I jogged in the neighborhood (after I’d lost the weight I could jog), I took a kickboxing class, and lifted weights. This time I will try again to diet. I’m walking with a neighbor, building up to greater things. I’ve been reading a book recommended by my insurance company. Yes, that’s right – I am getting counseling because my A1c levels are nearly diabetic. The book is Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. I resisted when first told about this book. I know about what good nutrition is and have gotten along just fine without it, thank you very much. Apparently, I’m good at lying to myself, too. Now I’m learning all about how the myth of the “complete protein”. Remember how your mother told you that beans and rice are a “complete” protein? Wrong. She didn’t know. Don’t blame her. Beans are a complete protein, you don’t need rice. A lot of vegetables have protein in them, peas, beans, kale. Nuts and seeds have protein. Most of our “protein rich” foods like meat, dairy, fish, eggs are also full of fat. This I can believe, but, I’m not becoming a vegan commando. I can give up sugar and processed foods but give me my turkey neck at Thanksgiving!

So this was my once a year or once every three-year blog about my health/diet ups and downs. I’ll report back briefly if this all works again. If not, I’ll see you at the next book signing. I’ll be the one wearing a tent and eating the Klondike bar.


3 thoughts on “Exercise. It’s That Word Again, Isn’t It”

  1. All the best, Rebecca, on your exercise plan. Marilyn and I are trying to “get back in shape” also. Too many years of not riding horses and eating “normally”-huh!-adds up. Now that I am retired I don’t even get the limited exercise of walking around the classroom, halls, recess duty, etc. Wish me luck, too, ok? Thanks!


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