I just can’t help it

Maximum Out-of-Pocket Premium Payments Under PPACA
Maximum Out-of-Pocket Premium Payments Under PPACA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not a highly political person.

It isn’t that I don’t care. I do.

The reason I don’t like to talk about politics is this: Arguing about politics makes little difference to anything. Arguing does, however, raise everyone’s blood pressure and that isn’t good if you are of a certain age. No one wins. Politics is all about winning.

So I just can’t help myself about this business at hand.

Here’s the thing about this “Affordable” Care Act. The computer’s website doesn’t work. It doesn’t. We all have October until March to sign up and already the entire month of October is a wash out because NO ONE can sign up.

Think about this number: $600,000,000. Six Hundred Million dollars! That is what has already been spent on making this website work. Our money, yours and mine, that is gone, done, flushed.

(Wasn’t there some money go missing from Iraq when we were looking for Saddam? I believe it was less than $600,000,000. So Obama trumped Bush on spending losses here. Does that mean he won?)

The experts have spent weeks and weeks looking for the problem. They haven’t found it.

Here is my take on this: The website will never work for OBAMA-CARE as it stands today. Why? Because computers are logical. They work on logic. They run on logic.

Apparently OBAMA-CARE does not compute.

My prediction is that somehow this massive failure will be the fault of the Republicans.

Perhaps we should all just eat more fiber.


9 thoughts on “I just can’t help it”

  1. Now, now… That’s only true for the 36 states that were dumb enough to either assume the feds’ “one size fits all” rules would fit the needs of their residents, OR who (even more stupidly) tried to obstruct a law that had already passed judicial review, and therefore got Obamacare (Fed website version) IMPOSED upon them.

    Here in WA, we built our own exchange. The web site’s working fine. Our rates are going down 12-20%, depending on your plan level and insurer.


    1. I approve of you comment because I welcome different opinions. I’m glad Washington state has a good health care system. I don’t approve of your mask. You should show your face. It can’t be that bad.


      1. Thanks for your encouragement! My face is fine. I have a past in show biz, so I hide it from salespersons and spammers by substituting the face of the Invisible Man (1933), by one of my favorite directors, James Whale.

        Re-reading my own comment, I see it’s kind of flip, so I apologize for the tone. I work in health care now, so I have great sympathy for all the difficulties people are going through in the states with the glitchy, clunky healthcare.gov. Most of the states like New York, Kentucky, Rhode Island etc. that set up their own exchanges have had fewer problems with their sites, but more importantly – their rates are going down! I don’t understand all the dynamics of what’s causing the inequity between different states.

        Medicare has taken decades of tweaks, but it does provide good care at a lower cost, by being a single-payer system. Why can’t we have Medicare, and just eliminate the age requirement? Well, I’m a dreamer…


      2. Dear Dreamer,
        See, I knew there was more to you than meets the eye.
        Thank you for your more thorough comment. We all need better healthcare, just not sure paying more for less is going to be a good thing from this end. If the states had all stepped up to help form a better solution we wouldn’t have the feds in our business. Thank you again.


  2. I signed up – on the second try. Count me lucky and I’m in one of the most hostile Obama Care states in the union. I have paid for my own health insurance since I was 18 and I welcome anything other than what we have currently. People who have had their health insurance subsidized by their employer would never understand why we want something different. You just wouldn’t understand.


    1. I approve of your comment, because I like different opinions. I’m glad you were able to sign up. I also pay for my own insurance. It is expensive. Guess what? My out-of-pocket amounts will increase by 80% with Obama-care. I will have to continue to work to pay for insurance alone. If I want to eat, well, I’ll have to find another job. But I hope it’s different for you.


      1. Thanks for approving my comment Rebecca! Many don’t appreciate a different point of view. You must have had very good insurance before. My state is fighting reform tooth and nail and has made purchasing on the marketplace very difficult. By purchasing directly from the insurance company, my insurance will be less than the 1200.00 per month (14,400 per year) premium I currently pay for my wife and myself – It will also ease the 20,000 Out of pocket maximum down to a more manageable 12,500 per year because we can be on a family plan. The only health care issue either of us has had was a minor non-malignant skin cancer issue. If you wonder why I want anything other than what we have now – you just have to do the math. Good luck to you – and please look at purchasing directly if you live in a state that does not participate in a state run exchange.


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